Sustainable Travel Finland certification to Karkausmäki Guesthouse

Karkausmäki Guesthouse- Pioneer in Sustainable Tourism

Press release
Kinnula, April 9, 2024

Karkausmäki Guesthouse, an idyllic guesthouse located in the heart of Central Finland, is proud to announce that it has been awarded the Visit Finland Sustainable Travel Finland certificate.  
This recognition underscores their commitment to sustainable tourism.

“Sustainable travel brings employment and well-being to the local environment while attracting travelers who wish to respect local culture, the environment, and support the regional economy. At Karkausmäki Guesthouse, local authenticity shines through in our consideration of local culture and close collaboration with other area entrepreneurs,” says Liisa Kokkarinen, an expert in sustainable tourism at Visit Finland.

Karkausmäki Guesthouse is well-known for its cozy accommodation and unique surroundings, offering visitors a chance to experience the tranquility of nature and local culture.
“We are thrilled and grateful for this recognition, which reflects our consistent efforts to promote sustainable tourism,” says Jenni Numminen, owner of Karkausmäki Guesthouse.
The Sustainable Travel Finland certificate demonstrates that even small businesses can make impactful changes to their operations and inspire others.

Karkausmäki Guesthouse has implemented several sustainability practices, including waste reduction, energy and water conservation, and a preference for local products and services whenever possible.
Their next goals include investing in solar energy, ensuring year-round business viability, and enhancing accessibility across all areas of their operations.

The Sustainable Travel Finland certificate represents a significant step toward a more sustainable future. Receiving this certificate signifies that a company is committed to adhering to the principles and practices of sustainable tourism. This includes promoting environmentally friendly practices, respecting local culture, and supporting the local community.

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