For Groups and companies

You can also rent Karkausmäki Guesthouse for meetings, courses and celebrations.

Karkausmäki can be booked for a daily rent of 375 €, in which case the rent also includes the use of the sauna and cleaning.

We also offer meals for your party, please ask for a quotation!

Meetings at Karkausmäki

The meeting room is a cozy living room kitchen. In the heat of the fireplace, 5-20 people meet comfortably.

In the summertime, there is an additional space with a large terrace and lean-to (laavu).

Prices for meeting packages starting from 20€/person include a meeting room, internet connection and coffee. In the mode wireless internet connection and 55″ TV/display. Space rental from 30€/hour, catering from 10€/person.

If you wish, you can choose dining, accommodation and sauna treatments for the programme. Outdoor meetings on the back of a fat bike, kicksled or snowshoeing are also available through us! See more about what we have to offer for groups!

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Unforgettable experiences at Karkausmäki

Come and have an unforgettable party in Karkausmäki. Our laid back atmosphere provides a setting for unforgettable moments!

On the lands of forest spirits

Discover your ancient connection to nature and experience the sympathetic Karkausmäki or sceneric Lake Valkeinen and their  surrounding forest and forest spirits like our ancestors.

During the excursion, you can experience the deeper significance of the forest and learn ways to take advantage of the forest’s well-being effects in your everyday life.

The excursion takes quite easy-to-walk paths and various sensory exercises are carried out along the route, stopping by ourselves and nature. The distance during the excursion is about 1 to 2 kilometer.

Ceremonial foot bath for groups

This enchanting and empowering moment is perfect for celebrating friendship, relaxing together.

The treatment includes a refreshing drink, initial relapse, foot abilities with Nordic Goddess Ceremony Baths foot bath salt, and a sound journey with the accompaniment of a ring drum and vocals.

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