The Karkausmäki sauna is a sauna like no other!

In the gentle warmth of the wood-heated traditional sauna, worries and troubles are forgotten.

Sauna like they just to do it in the old days. Just take your towel from your room, borrow pair of wool socks from the house, listen the birds sing on the way to sauna and enjoy!

Water is heated with wood in a big pot and be prepared to wash yourself with a bucket and a scoop.

We’ll heat sauna and hot water ready for you. The nordic bath outside the sauna can also be booked pre-heated.

The ultimate finnish sauna experience awaits for you!

Sauna price list for guests

Peat relaxes, cleanses and increases metabolism. After the treatment, the feeling is light and the skin feels soft and refreshed. The Karkausmäki peat sauna can be booked for groups all year round.

Sauna evenings and nature experiences

Peat sauna

Every year we organise a few public peat saunas that anyone can sign up for.

Sauna evening at Karkausmäki

Our sauna evening includes a heated sauna and nordic bath plus towels (max. 10 guests).

Wild herb excursion and peat sauna

We prepare the nordic bath and sauna, and thereafter we go for a herbal walk in the nearby forest. We pick up natural herbs for foot baths, make herbal tea and try tasty local food while the sauna and nordic bath warm up.

We end the day with sauna, our peat expert leads us into the world of the healing effects of peat and wild herbs in the gentle heat of our wooden sauna.

The program includes a snack, wild water, guidance, a towel and a bench protecting cloth.

Duration about five hours.

We are member of Sauna from Finland