National parks and hiking trails

Our location is ideal for nature lovers!

Northern Central Finland offers great opportunities for hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities!

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Kinnula is a lively small municipality where you will find comprehensive recreational opportunities.

You can get to the outdoor routes right from the front door of Karkausmäki.

Kinnula also has an indoor swimming pool, open from September to May.

On weekdays, swimming pool tickets are free for those who stay with us!

Beaches can be found near the centre of Kinnula (3 km away) and on the shores of Lake Valkeisjärvi (5 km from Karkausmäki, towards Lestijärvi).

In winter, the distance to cross-country skiing trails is about 300 m.

There are illuminated skiing trails, too, about 3 km away, in the Kinnula outdoor sports area.

National parks

Salamajärvi National Park and Pyhä-Häkki National Park are great day-trip destinations.
We will provide you with a basic map for a day trip, and we’ll rent snowshoes for winter trips – and we’ll heat the sauna ready for you if you so wish!

We are 16 km from Salamajärvi National Park and 65 km from Pyhä-Häkki National Park.

Salamajärvi National Park

Rocky boreal forests, extensive swamps and varied routes lead you to the lands of the Finnish forest reindeer. Salamajärvi National Park offers unforgettable wilderness experiences!
The best starting point to the Salamajärvi routes is Koirasalmi, where the National Park’s information hut, Koirasalmi, is also located.

Koirasalmi café is open daily in summer and during the winter holidays.

From Koirasalmi you can also rent equipment for all seasons; boats, canoes, forest skis, plus sliding and normal snowshoes. You can find more detailed information, routes and maps of Salamajärvi at

Peuran Polku

The Peuran polku (“Peura trail”) leaves Reisjärvi and continues to Perho, the length of the basic route is 78 km. The routes have been extensively refurbished in recent years and are very transportable. Valkeisjärvi, located along the deer trail, is worth seeing with its white sandy beaches, a tour of Lake Valkeisjärvi. More information about the Peura Trail at

Pyhä-Häkki National Park

Pyhä-Häkki National Park is well-known for its magnificent trees and old-growth forests.

The 400-year-old pine trees with thick shield barks are reminiscent of the forest fires of past centuries and make even the busy walker marvel the smallness of man.

More about Pyhä-Häkki National Park at .

You can find more about the sights and activities in our area on the Visit Jyväskylä website, .