Sleep and relax in the peace of nature

Karkausmäki Guesthouse is in Kinnula, Central Finland. We offer cozy accommodation with modern facilities.

Welcome to Northern Central Finland and Kinnula!

We think that everyone should have a place to hide.

A chamber to retreat to between adventures, far from the rush of the world and the demands of others.

Sometimes it’s good for everyone to escape from their everyday life, to get to know their own thoughts in peace.

For others, that hiding place can be found in the corner of the sofa or in a favorite book.

For us, that place is Karkausmäki Guesthouse, where you can rest your wild nature with all your senses!



Karkausmäki Guesthouse has five double rooms. Every room has two separate beds. Our accommodation always includes bed linen and towels, and a kitchen with utensils and dishes is at your disposal.

Rent the whole house

You can rent the whole Karkausmäki Guesthouse for e.g. group, meeting or celebration purposes. The accommodation package always includes bed linen and towels, and a kitchen with utensils and dishes is at your disposal.

Seasonal offers

Our accommodation packages – varying according to seasons – render you an easy get-away of everyday life’s hustle and bustle and to experience a mini holiday.

Summer night at the Laavu

Spend a night at our lean-to shelter! Including fire-wood, bed linen, use of our traditional sauna, an evening snack and a breakfast basket.

Camping SITE

We also have a small camping site with electricity supply for three campers or caravan trailers.


Our extra services help you relax and enjoy your stay.

Reservations the same day by phone

Booking a room for the same day is not possible from the online store for the same day. Call the number to check the availability of the day by phoning us +358 44 23 83 943.

Do & Explore

Karkausmäki has a lot to experience and see. Check out the activities on offer.

Our customers' experiences

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Stay comfortably in the countryside

At Karkausmäki Guesthouse you sleep well, enjoy the countryside, calm down at the lean-to by the fire and relax in the gentle loys of the sauna!

How to get here

Karkausmäki Guesthouse is located in Kinnula in northern Central Finland, close to the Salamajärvi National Park.

Welcome to the Deep Land of Finland!

Karkausmäki Kammari is a rural accommodation in Kinnula, northern Central Finland. With us you can feel the atmosphere of an old forest cabin and relax in the gentle steam of a traditional wooden sauna.
Here you can feel the atmosphere of a former lumberjacks’ cabin and relax in the gentle and humid heat of our traditional wood-heated sauna.In the light summer night you can experience the magic of the country landscape and admire the sunset at our lean-to shelter.During bright winter nights you can hear the great horned owl hooting and watch the Northern Lights dancing!