Welcome to northern central Finland and cozy rooms of Karkausmäki!

“Fresh air inside and a cosy homely interior design.”

Accommodation in the Peace of Nature

“The facility was really tidy and cosy. Everything was as promised. And the lean-to shelter out there was simply gorgeous.”

Our garden lean-to is at your disposal.

“The lean-to out there was simply wonderful.”

Our atmospheric wood-heated sauna is heated to order.

The sauna is heated at your request.

Same day bookings are not available online

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Karkausmäen Kammari

Karkausmäen Kammari (Karkausmäki Chambers) offers cozy accommodation with modern facilities in Kinnula, Central Finland. We also have a small camping area with electricity hook-ups for 3 trailers or caravans.

Here you can feel the atmosphere of a former lumberjacks’ cabin and relax in the gentle and humid heat of our traditional wood-heated sauna.

In the light summer night you can experience the magic of the country landscape and admire the sunset at our lean-to shelter.

During bright winter nights you can hear the great horned owl hooting and watch the Northern Lights dancing!

Do indulge yourself in our peat or chocolate sauna or experience the nurturing power of the forest during our guided Forest Bathing, snow shoeing or hiking.

Welcome to the Lomaseutu Holiday Region, to Northern Central Finland!

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Sleep under the summer sky!

Our lean-to, laavu, is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset and picturesque lake sceneries. This accommodation can accommodate 2 persons. Moskito net over your bed will keep these little friends away. You'll have your private scenery to Lake Karkaus below. Laavu accommodation is also available...

Salamajärvi National Park

This national park is situated 16 km away. At your request, we’ll heat our sauna for you so you can enjoy it when you return from your hike.


  • Sauna treatments, peat, chocolate or herbal
  • Forest Bathing
  • Outdoor recreation routes right from your doorstep. In winter, the skiing trails start 3 km away.
  • Hiking trails: Valkeisjärvi loop 5 km away, Salamajärvi National Park trails 15 km away.
  • The easiest way to find the nearby services is by clicking paikalliset.fi (Local services) and lomaseutu.fi (Regional holiday services)!

Our wood-heated traditional finnish sauna and lean-to shelter at your disposal

Wood-heated sauna and lean-to near the main building.

Sauna treatments: peat, chocolate or herb treatment starting 35€/person (min 5 persons)

About our accommodation services

Karkausmäen Kammari has five twin rooms, i.e. every room has two separate beds.

Our accommodation always includes bed linen and towels. You also have our shared kitchen with utensils and tableware at your disposal.

The shared toilet and shower facilities are in the corridor very near the rooms.

5 country style twin rooms

Wireless internet

Free parking

Cooking option

Breakfast available by booking in advance, additional fee €7.50 per guest per day

Pets welcome, additional fee €10/night

Sauna at your disposal


  • Hiking
  • Canoeing
  • Cycling option
  • Fishing

Sauna treatments, peat, chocolate or herb

Guided Forest Bathing



The place was really tidy and cosy. Everything was as promised. And the lean-to out there was simply wonderful.



Wi-Fi at your disposal, free of charge



We heat the sauna to order.

Additional Information

You can also hire Karkausmäen Kammari for meetings, courses or festivities.

Our cozy combined large living-room and kitchen serves as a venue for meetings.

Enjoying the heat from the fireplace, 5 to 20 people can have a meeting, comfortably.

In summertime, we can offer additional room on our large terrace and in the lean-to shelter.

Starting from €20/person, the prices for our meeting packages include the meeting facility, Wi-Fi and coffee with pastries.

You can also choose additional services like a meal, accommodation and sauna treatments.

Please contact us and learn more!

Our Story

The story of Karkausmäki begins in the 18th century, when a local man of great strength, also a bear hunter called Lassi, chased away men who bullied his brother. He chased them all the way to Karkausmäki with his axe and spear.

Lassi’s memorial is situated only 200 metres from Karkausmäki, in the direction of Kinnula.

The present Karkausmäki house was built by a forestry company in the 1920’s to serve as lumberjacks’ cabin.

In the 1950’s and 60’s this estate housed a shop.

The present accommodation business began in 2015.

Me – Jenni

When I first saw this handsome log building, I knew it would be in my plans for the future.

My longest working career before starting as an entrepreneur was taking care of trotting horses and customer service.

The idea of founding an inn had been maturing a long while already, and finally, I found the right place.

At the very beginning I was working for a salary, and my entrepreneurship was part-time.

Now I’m a full-time entrepreneur, and furthermore, at times I’m creating employment for other local companies e.g. through cleaning, textiles services and shared products.

You’re welcome to see and experience my dream!


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Lestijärventie 375, FI-43900 Kinnula

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Karkausmäen Kammari

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Karkausmäen Kammari

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